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Pet Portraits in Watercolour by Joan Gray

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Joan did the most perfect portrait of our dog, Jack. We admire him everyday and are so thankful that we commissioned Joan to paint this for us. After she took numerous photos of him romping in the snow, she managed to capture his personality perfectly in the portrait! Thanks so much!
Susan Bannon-Perkins - 22 Dec 2016
Joan did a portrait of our Great Dane, Kane, who we lost very suddenly at only the age of 5; she managed to capture his beautiful features and his amazing eyes that could just melt your heart. This was much more than a gift to us, we look at it everyday and remember our boy it's something we'll treasure forever. Thank you so much Joan, Debbie and Brad January 20, 2016
Debbie Watson - 20 Jan 2016
Really great site! Your work skillfully depicts the likeness, as well as the essence, of a beloved pet. And, of course, the logo you created for me is simply outstanding and timeless...
Janet - 17 Jan 2016
I am SO incredibly pleased with the paintings of my dogs Snickers and Tyson, not only did Joan capture their beauty, she captured their personality / spirit - thank you so much Joan !
Karen - 22 Feb 2013
When I was looking for something special to give to my wife for Christmas I thought a portrait of our "Winnie" would be great. Upon contacting Joan little did I know how great things would turn out. Joan truly is a gifted artist.I feel she not only captured his likeness but I really think she hit his character on the nose. I highly recommend Joan and her abilities to anyone who wishes to immortalize their cherished pet in the same light. Thanks Joan and have a great new year!
Jeff Simmons - 2 Jan 2012
What passionate work... Joan, I love your watercolour work and I'm totally excited about my logo! You took the essence of who I am, where I'm going, what I'm doing and wrapped it into the perfect package! Thank you, Thank you.
Susan Huntley - 23 Sep 2011
I love it!!! And I get to see Rosie again....You are amazing!!! xo
LInda - 7 Apr 2011
What beautiful likeness as I recognized a number of the candidates!!!! You are indeed an amazingly talented artist with such passion for your masterpieces!!!
Brenda - 6 Apr 2011
Great site, Joan! Congratulations! It's an honour to have your incredible portrait of our Spike posted here too. You know how much I cherish that portrait. Wherever we move, it's the most important work of art we hang and it comes first. I'll never be able to thank you enough for giving us this lasting tribute of our little boy.
Marna Gale - 6 Apr 2011
Joan,a terrific site! I showed my colleagues at work and you really wowed them. Loved the pet portraits (my soft spot).
Debbie Tonegawa - 6 Apr 2011
Joan, great site....finally.....Harriet looks so beautiful RUFF RUFF
patti powell - 4 Apr 2011
I am absolutely thrilled with my new logo for ecoburica. Joan was a pleasure to work with and translated my minimal instructions with panache, conveying exactly the kind of image I wanted to project. Bravo Joan!
hilary amolins - 1 Apr 2011
Loved the well done wonderful watercolours
Don - 30 Mar 2011
Wow! What fantastic pet portraits! They make me smile.
Lucille - 30 Mar 2011
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